The top 8 proven strategies on how to inspire and motivate your team

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about motivating people. The principles and techniques that you’ll find in this short entry will help you improve your personal leadership and better motivate your team. Although I focus on working with the small or medium business community, this information works for all sized companies when people need to be motivated. It can also work well in your personal life, in regards to motivating your children, friends, and neighbors, although my examples will focus mostly on the business community.

I have read many research-based studies as well as books that have covered the topic of motivation. There are some valuable resources in the marketplace. Nevertheless, I prefer to do my own research that takes place both formally and informally as I have worked with thousands of different business leaders over the years.

I’ve specifically asked them what they have found to be true in regards to the ways that people in their companies like to be motivated. Here is my top 8 list. Although there are many more ways to motivate people, these 8 items rise to the top. Here they are:

1) Sense of Belonging
2) Public Recognition
3) Private Recognition
4) Monetary Reward
5) Fear of Consequences
6) Competition
7) Significance/Purpose
8) Life Balance

The most critical starting point as a leader dedicated to motivating others is for you to rank in priority the most important areas for your own personal motivation. What motivates you? Seriously, give it some time and think about it. It’s crucial to gain clarity for yourself.

Once you figure this out, remember, it’s NOT about you! Please don’t motivate your people and your team only by the ways that you are motivated. I’ve seen this mistake happen time and again. If a business owner is motivated by monetary reward, her first instinct is to only motivate her team through financial incentives. Then, she is devastated because it doesn’t work and she spends hours racking her brain trying to figure out why it didn’t work.

Take a look at some of my other blog articles that break down this concept into more bite-sized action steps and examples.

In the meantime, serve others by living a life of truth, empowerment, and the pursuit of freedom!