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About Jared Polak

Jared Polak is an entrepreneur who accelerates the success of small business leaders. He ensures that anyone who works with him takes full advantage of the “Entre Results” atmosphere.

Jared has read all the books and has gone through every training. Yet his genius stems from first-hand experiences working and living in the small business arena, which bolster his ability to teach and learn from others. Jared uses his knowledge to bless the lives of friends, family, and those whose companies he serves.

Jared is always learning, which allows him to adapt to whatever comes his way. He draws on thousands of hours of experience in coaching, consulting, and training.

Jared Polak

Although younger than his contemporaries, Jared is an old-timer in terms of experience. A firm believer in work-life balance, he’s selective about the number of clients he takes to ensure time for his family. Work-life balance is actually one of Jared’s core beliefs. The number of clients who asked for help in this area led him to write EntreBalance—an informative book designed to inspire people to work on their personal lives as much as their businesses. Jared’s second book, EntreBusiness, covers 7 important business principles that are crucial for success. He also founded the EntreResults Academy, which allows business owners to access coaching at an affordable price.

Jared enjoys giving ordinary people the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. He knows that following truth, empowering others, and pursuing freedom are among the most important things in life.

Jared loves spending time with his family, which includes wife Amy and two amazing children. Amy has enjoyed a fruitful business coaching career and is a full-time EntreResults coach. Ambitious and talented, Amy was heavily involved in the founding of EntreResults. She also co-founded a nonprofit organization for women trapped in the adult entertainment industry. Last but not least, Amy runs a successful jewelry business. The family lives in Texas, where they spend time enjoying one another and serving others.



Our Coaching Commitment

We walk our talk! We work diligently to follow the process we created to keep ourselves accountable and on track to achieving the vision & mission we have for Entre Results. We pursue freedom and work life balance. We work really hard, efficiently and effectively during business hours. We put firm boundaries around our personal life and protect the time we have with our friends and family. We desire to make an eternal impact in this world for Christ. Each decision we make in our business, that impacts our clients, is made in a very intentional way. We desire to leave behind a legacy for our children, and future generations. We desire for the lives of our clients to be impacted in a way that leaves positive, life changing results in their lives, and in the lives of those closest to them.

Helping teams align around a common purpose, define goals, and work together - team coaching works on improving team performance.

Team Coaching

The development and mentoring of a salesperson on successful selling and increased sales performance.

sales coaching

Focusing on coaching leadership Executive Coaching works with company leaders on being effective in their leadership roles.

Executive coaching

Strategically developing a successful business, including systems and processes to build the business up.

Business Coaching

There are a lot of business coaching companies and programs out there, but there isn’t one that fits the needs of all people. So, what if you had multiple choices when it comes to coaching programs? We offer a customized tailored approach at Entre Results, and strive to offer programs and services that are of greater value and the right fit for your coaching needs.

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