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    Yesterday he was a confident senior manager. Now he’s a hopeless man, but about to begin an incredible adventure. Join Mark Davis on an unbelievable expedition that will help you uncover the principles for living an intentionally balanced life. Learn what it takes to create an entrepreneurial attitude through a community of individuals modeling that lifestyle and pouring their wisdom into Mark. He makes a crucial decision that will forever change his life. What will you decide?

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    Jackson Strong is the king of his jungle. As the CEO of an on-the-rise beverage company, he is living the dream of every budding entrepreneur: expensive restaurants, innovative new products, and a business that is destined for greatness. But when Jackson wakes up one morning sprawled across a sidewalk in downtown Houston, he finds himself destitute with only an old Army jacket to keep him warm. Now his only hope is to journey across perilous, unfamiliar territory in search of the one place that can offer a way out–a beacon of light known as The Lot.

    Join Jackson on his journey as he learns that conventional business “wisdom” is not always what it seems. Experience adventure and inspiration in this compelling blend of nail-biting narrative and revolutionary business advice. Like Jackson, your life–and business–may never be the same.

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