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This program focuses on coaching sales teams to get to the next level and targets two different areas. The first area is specific to organizations that have 2-10 sales team members, but don’t currently have a sales manager. This program bridges the gap to increase sales, hold sales team members accountable, and work on the sales process. It also helps you to find, recruit, and bring on a full-time sales manager.

Sales Performance

“My company can’t be great at sales” is one of the biggest lies that someone can tell themselves. Every organization can launch from being good to great at sales; you just have to strengthen the sales mindset and refine the selling process.

If you want to go from good to great, our Entre Results Sales Performance coaching package is ideal for you. This coaching package is designed to transform how you think about sales and your actual sales results. These are changes that can be measured not only in how you feel about sales, but in real dollar figures. As you implement what you learn in our sales performance coaching package, you will see those dollar figures increase as you become more and more effective.

How does our program work? 

• We teach you the skills you need to be a successful salesperson
• Change your mind about how sales works and what sales is
• Reinforce learning through practice and accountability so sales come naturally
• Teach you the tools you need to deal with “sales fear”
• Show you which actions to take to be most effective
• Help you draw out a sales map so you are never lost for words
• Teach you how to get to know your product or service so you can answer any question
• Motivate you to make real changes
We know that every person and every product and service is different. This is why we take an individualized approach to your sales program. Through practice, repetition, and careful and individual consideration, we will show you not just the skills that the most successful salespeople in the world use, but how to apply them to yourself so that selling becomes second nature to you.

Entre Results Sales Performance Coaching Package Components:

• Weekly coaching
• Group coaching
• Perfect for a sales team of two to seven people

Weekly Coaching:

Three out of every four weeks during a month, we will be meeting together to discuss challenges, progress, and make new goals for the upcoming week. During these sessions, we will discuss the fundamentals of sales, as well as how to overcome the fear of selling (a.k.a the fear of rejection), and how to leverage your knowledge and skills in your selling process. The results of these weekly coaching sessions will be:

• Increased volume of sales
• Increase profits from sales
• Better margins
• More loyal customers
Continual improvement from the moment you begin to long after you complete your coaching

Group Coaching:

The fourth week of every month will be devoted to a group coaching session with other members of your team. What is the benefit of meeting with a group? Not only does the group offer each other support and accountability, but the process also creates specific solutions and concrete guidance based on the success of others. The coach will facilitate this process and offer his or her own feedback. This won’t be canned advice from your favorite “How to Sell” book, this will be very immediate and very applicable feedback from people who really care about your success, led by a coach who has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to make that success a reality. The result of these group coaching sessions will be:

• A more objective view of your aptitude, failures, and successes
• More applicable suggestions from those in your same position
• Support from your peers
• Increased sales revenue
If your business relies on sales in order to be successful and you are looking for a way to tangibly improve your skills, Entre Results’ Sales Performance coaching package is the ultimate solution to these and any other sales-related issues. Contact us today for more information!

The Entre Results Sales Performance Program

If answering these questions has brought a heavy sigh of frustration, we understand!

Are you where you expected and wanted to be in your business and personal life?

Are you frustrated with the day to day and can’t seem to get ahead?

Is it a challenge to find and retain good employees?

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis and lack clarity and focus?

Do you struggle with not enough time in your day?

Why to Work with a Coach or Consultant

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katie burch, plan north

“There are so many things I could say, but perhaps this is the most meaningful. For the past seven years, "vacations" have consisted of being tied to the phone and internet, semi-panicked that something would go wrong while I could not fix it. No doubt it's taken a toll on my family. This year, I was totally off for a full week of total rest and enjoyment. Coincidentally, a family illness around the same time meant that I was actually gone from work almost three weeks. The shock of a lifetime came when I returned to a team working harder than ever, clients happy, bills ready to be paid, invoices mailed. It's just unbelievable what a difference six months of good coaching can make!”

It's just unbelievable what a difference six months of good coaching can make!

Brad Bevers, Bevers Real Estate

To be honest, I was not a believer in coaching. After my first meeting, I have done a 180 and recommend friends and entrepreneurs to EntreResults at least once or twice a month. In my first year I've accomplished my goals 30-40% faster than I would have on my own. This compounded over a year has paid big dividends. Networking with other business owners across industries has been very helpful. The rewards have outpaced the cost of coaching by so much that its practically free, especially considering that its a tax write-off. In the first 12 months of EntreResults coaching I wrote and published a book, tripled the amount of income I had ever made in a previous 12 month period.

I've worked with EntreResults...and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Zalla Otten, Zalla Massage

I've been working with Jared and team since 2014, and the results I've seen in my business have been truly phenomenal, but what has been more meaningful to me is the empowerment I've received to maintain balance with my personal, spiritual and creative goals so that the business success enhances my ability to enjoy the rest of my life.

Achieved work life balance with the help if EntreResults!

Liam Goudeket, FINS

“I've worked with EntreResults for years. He has helped me find balance at work and at home. Many times at work I felt stretched trying to lead at one swim school while opening another location. After a lack of success balancing the two locations and the needs of my growing family my coach asked me one simple question, from that one question he helped me put a plan into action could focus on the new one. This decision has allowed our company to grow, not only financially but culturally. We have great team members leading each of our locations and now we are looking to grow again. If your looking to find balance to your life, someone to help you plan and provide a different perspective then give EntreResults a call.”

Give EntreResults a Call!

Brian Passell, Fortune Management

Jared and the EntreResults team deliver, period. Do yourself a favor and get on a call with them, the saying “you have nothing to lose and everything to gain” couldn’t be more true.

 The EntreResults Team Delivers!

Helping teams align around a common purpose, define goals, and work together - team coaching works on improving team performance.

Team Coaching

The development and mentoring of a salesperson on successful selling and increased sales performance.

sales coaching

Focusing on coaching leadership Executive Coaching works with company leaders on being effective in their leadership roles.

Executive coaching

Strategically developing a successful business, including systems and processes to build the business up.

Business Coaching

There are a lot of business coaching companies and programs out there, but there isn’t one that fits the needs of all people. So, what if you had multiple choices when it comes to coaching programs? We offer a customized tailored approach at Entre Results, and strive to offer programs and services that are of greater value and the right fit for your coaching needs.

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