How Private Recognition = Team Performance

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, there are eight major ways to motivate people. In this entry, we are going to break down one of those eight motivational categories. You may be surprised at the simplicity of the examples that you will find coming up and it’s nice to know as an individual in the small business community that it doesn’t have to cost a bunch to motivate in this way. The motivational style that we will look at today is private recognition.

You will find that most individuals in your company have a major preference for a motivational style. In fact, don’t make the major mistake of only choosing to motivate people the way that you prefer to be motivated. For example, I know some people that live for private recognition, but they avoid public recognition like the plague. Know your people.

Private recognition is by its very nature done privately. It can be delivered in a variety of different channels, but it follows a similar format. Here are some tactics to keep in mind:

1) Thank the person, SPECIFICALLY, for what they accomplished for the team. Don’t be vague! It’s not bad to tell a person “great work,” but it’s much better to say “great work in creating that marketing piece that we sent out to our clients. I love the attention to detail you had in the color and shape of the border. Also, the content you wrote was upbeat and actually made me smile.” Can you see the difference?

2) Tell the individual the specific way they helped the company. “After sending out your marketing piece, we immediately received four calls from qualified prospects, two of which have already become new clients. Those new clients came on board as a direct result of your action.”

3) Finish by quickly, and in a less detailed manner, thanking them for the job well done. “Thanks again for that incredible marketing piece, I don’t know how we would manage without you.”

In regards to delivering this information, here are some ideas:

1) Keep it simple and tell them privately face to face. It’s best if it is separate from a normal individual company meeting.

2) Write a hand-written note. This is a fantastic idea and super simple. Often, people will save their cards and keep them all year.

3) Include a small gift or gift card with the note.

Please avoid communicating this information over email or text message. The kindness can sometimes get lost in translation.

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In the meantime, serve others by living a life of truth, empowerment, and the pursuit of freedom!