How to Create Personalized Marketing

Create Personalized Marketing

Hello everyone, this is Jared, the founder of EntreResults, and I’d like to thank you once again for joining me for another awesome blog post. This blog post goes out to you as a coach or trainer. What I’m going to cover is geared specifically towards you, though it can be applied to many other businesses as well.

When it comes to the coaching profession, it’s great to automate when it comes to sales and marketing. It’s good to have systems in place that run without you. That said, you’re always going to have times where you need to keep things personal in marketing. Today, we’re going to discuss how to do that. More specifically, I’m going to go over 3 suggestions regarding what you can do as a coach to keep it personal in your business development process. Without further ado, let’s get into those 3 things.


3 Ways to Keep it Personal in Marketing


  1. Customized Proposal Writing.Your proposals provide a great opportunity for you to personalize your marketing. For instance, at EntreResults we have a series of programs that we take people through that are the perfect fit for the size of their company and their particular niche.It could be a coaching program that is specifically designed for coaches, trainers, or consultants who are solopreneurs, or it could be tailored to those who are part of a larger network, depending on who the specific potential client is. But even though we have these packages and programs that are for these different groups and niches, when we do a sales proposal, we create a customized video that explains the details of the proposal as they pertain to the specific person who has asked for the proposal.If, for example, someone is thinking of going through our Faster Growth Academy, they’ll know that they’re going to get some individual coaching, so the customized video in that proposal will discuss their specific needs and what we can do to solve them within the program. Your usual videos that you send out to large groups of people are great for marketing, of course, but customized videos that you only share with a particular prospect when you send your proposals are priceless. If you can’t do a video, a good alternative is to schedule a time where you can go over the proposal with them and give them some individual attention that way.
  2. Giving Handwritten Notes for Business.This is admittedly a lost art, but it’s very powerful. This could include personalized notes or individualized gifts, but one of the main things is that it’s something sent by old school mail. I recently received a handwritten note from someone, and it really stood out. No one does that anymore. It was simple, but it absolutely works.It’s a good thing to put into practice with people who you’re looking to gain as clients, and it can also be a good thing to do with clients you already have. It’s a nice gesture. You’ll want to send something unique for that specific person that lets them know you had them in mind when you decided to send it. If one of your prospects enjoys a certain sport, like golf, send them something related to that. Or if they like the symphony, send them something to do with that. It takes some extra thought, but you have to keep it personal.
  3. Creating a Referral Program or Rewarding Your Top Referral Sources.

    As a coach, the number one way that you get new business is through referrals from your existing clients. The extent to which this is true may vary a bit depending on your specific coaching practice, but at EntreResults referrals from our current clients is by far our most frequent source of new clients. To that end, we do have a referral program, which is something you should put in place if you haven’t yet.

    In terms of personalizing it, however, you want to go above and beyond when it comes to your top referral sources or those who refer business consistently. Do something special that’s just for them. For example, we have taken people out to nice restaurants. It was just a great experience, a great evening. Obviously, it costs a lot more, there’s no expense spared, there’s nice wine and nice steak if that’s your thing. But it just sends a positive message. We want to go above and beyond with those who provide consistent referrals, we really want to give them an extra ‘thank you’, something that’s genuine and personalized.

    The other thing about these methods is that they do get you results in business.  So, doing them is definitely about results to an extent. But they’re also a lot of fun. It just feels good to do these them, and part of the reason we become coaches is that we love encouraging people, pouring out to them, and the like. So, this will really help you feel good about your marketing.


In Conclusion Make your Marketing Memorable

Now you have three powerful ways to keep marketing personal in your arsenal, and they’re bound to do wonders for your business.


That said, owning a business, while extremely rewarding, is by no means easy, and the ways in which you can keep marketing personal go beyond the scope of this post.

If you’d like more guidance or clarity regarding your business or would like to explore anything further that was covered in this blog post, we at EntreResults can help. We specialize in business consulting, sales coaching, and small business help in general, among other things. If you’d like to learn more or feel ready to take your business to the next level, please give us a call! We’d love to help.


Until then, go out, take action, keep it personal, and have fun.

Please join me again for our next blog post and make it a better than amazing day.